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Check out American Solutions – Petitions

American Solutions has a petition campaign, Freedom Not Fear, to defeat the Employee “Free Choice” Act. I signed their petition and I think you should sign it too.

It would strip workers of the right to vote by private ballot when deciding to join a union, and it would undermine the right to freely negotiate contracts.

Please take a minute to sign this petition by going to


Message to Veterans from the Mouth of a Child

On Friday February 6, 2009 while driving home from picking up my 11 year old stepson from his school, he asked a question. His question was why don’t they (US Government) give veterans a home and some money when they get back. He said they deserve it and that they are the reason we have what we have at home now. He was also referring to veterans becoming homeless after they got out of the service. I was impressed with his compassion for the military. I talk to him all the time about the homeless and how fortunate he is. Homeless people, no matter their background, are PEOPLE too. That goes for the military homeless, too. They should NOT be homeless. They served for us, so let’s serve them and their needs. We really need to take good care of them.

Waving Flag

I can imagine it is very hard adjusting back to life after being in a battle zone and/or being separated from your families for long periods of time. You have to get yourself back together mentally and reconnect with your family. All these things can be very hard without serious support from the VA (Veterans Administration), the community and most importantly of all, their families.

I just want to let you know that my hat is off to you because I could not continue to live free without your undying commitment to the United States of America and the armed forces you serve in. God Bless ALL of you; the men and women of the United States Armed Forces.


Joseph R. Mays
Former US Marine 1982-1990
Loadmaster/Airborne Radio Operator/Observer KC-130 VMGR-252 MCAS Cherry Point, NC
Loadmaster/Flight Attendant C-9 SOES MCAS Cherry Point, NC

America Saves Week 2009 – Make Saving Money a Goal in 2009

Hello readers.

The third annual is scheduled for February 22-March 1, 2009, and early reports indicate that the Week will have more participation and a broader reach than ever before.

Activities for are being coordinated by the America Saves campaign and by the American Savings Education Council, who are working with a large coalition to promote the savings message and foster better savings behavior. Among the many companies, agencies and organizations committed to participating are the Cooperative Extension Service, WorldatWork and the Department of Defense.

During America Saves Week 2008, over 80 national organizations and over 500 local organizations participated, reaching millions through the press and internet. Over 75,000 people attended over 1,800 events, and tens of thousands joined the America Saves campaign and committed to begin saving.

Yours in saving money and prosperity,

Joseph R. Mays

Happy Birthday Tammy!


Play Happy Birthday Song

Happy Birthday to my sister Tammy.

May your birthday be full of joy, happiness and celebration.

with love,

your brother

Joseph R. Mays