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Send e-Cards to Friends and Loved Ones with Personalized Cards at Cyberside e-Cards

Online greeting cards are an inexpensive (most are FREE!) way to show love for friends, coworkers and family.

The Cyberside Community has an e-Card site for you to send pictures of landmarks, flowers and more to your friends and loved ones.

Try the service out today. More cards will be added later.


Joseph R. Mays


The Pursuit of Happyness – A Must-See Film

I finally saw yesterday and have enjoyed it thoroughly. I recommend this movie to everyone with a dream and a vision. Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit that never gives up. Anyone burdened with stress and wants a positive outlet. Anyone that wants that extra spark to get them through the day.

The film portrays some of the downsides of life and situations, but it also beautifully portrays the good side too. There are thousands of families in situations just like the main character (). Wandering from shelter to shelter wondering where they will lay their head next.

A story was run on our local news here in Washington, DC just this week about how the number of homeless kids in school has increased. A sobering statistic. Times have gotten even tougher with all the bad economic news out there.

But it is always nice to know that you can pop in a DVD and watch something positive and be inspired by it and know that there is hope around the corner of every dark situation.

Yours in fulfilling your/our dreams, ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Joseph R. Mays

Be Inspired! Keep the Faith! Don’t let NO ONE keep you from your dream. Not even yourself. Enjoy the videos below.

Give Positive Support to People in their Dreams and Endeavors

Support people in their dreams and endeavors. Don’t put them down because YOU can’t see THEIR vision. It is THEIR dream, THEIR vision and THEIR plan and as long as THEY have faith in their endeavors and themselves, then they are halfway there. There are too many times where people spend more time fighting back negativity and it affects them physically and mentally. How do you know that this person won’t invent the next new operating system or a life-saving device that could save the life of YOUR family member?

Let’s cease and desist with the negativity and encourage our fellow man (or woman). ๐Ÿ™‚

It is a new world, a new age and a new direction that we’re headed in. Let’s stay positive and move down the path to educational, financial, social and spiritual prosperity.

As a self-proclaimed dreamer and chaser of my dreams, I proclaim a blessing over ALL like-minded individuals and leave you with this inspirational video by christian gospel singer Jeremy Camp.

Jeremy Camp – Walk by Faith

Yours in fulfilling dreams and goals,

Joseph R. Mays

iPod! Tax? What’s else is in store for New Yorkers?

An article today told about how the governor of the State of New York is proposing an iTunes! tax to make up for the budget shortfall. It is bad enough that gas had gone up to $4.00+ a gallon earlier this year and food prices as well. I think the first place they should tighten the belt is luxuries and amenities that the governor gets. If we as people have to take a hit, then so should they. I can work with a governor or even a president willing to make some personal sacrifices right along with the people. He should ask former Virginia governor Mark Warner for some belt tightening and state budget tips.

We get taxed enough. I understand taxes help bring in revenue for essential services for the community, but they (taxes) are NOT spread around evenly amongst the people and corporations that use the services such as trash removal, water and sewer and transportation projects. And the little guys are the ones shouldering most of the load.

iPods! are purely for pleasure and learning. Let them remain that way. I am sure that all and users would agree.ย  Tax something that is more meaningful and the majority of people willing to help with it.

Yours in tax reform and looking out for the people,

Joseph R. Mays

Wildflowers on Flickr – A Beautiful Marriage of Music and Images

Hello. I clicked on an image on this blog in the Flickr Photos section a few moments ago and came across this beautiful slide show.

Wildflowers at Flickr

Wildflowers at Flickr

I want to share this with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I wish the entire song was allowed to play, but other than that this is a wonderful piece of art. The flowers are beautiful and have a lot of detail. If you find this slide show appealing, please pass it on.


Joseph R. Mays
Joseph R. Mays Weblog

Thank You – A Tribute to Our Armed Forces (USA)

Hello. I just wanted to take a moment out of my day to let our men and women in the United States Armed Forces know that I appreciate their service to this country. It is a noble gesture of which I am already familiar with being a former Marine myself. I really appreciate your dedication to God, family and country.

Thank you for your sacrifices past, present and future.

Thank you for your sacrifices past, present and future.

For those of you that serve in a foreign country and don’t really have anyone here (stateside) to turn to, please know that there are plenty of people back here that care for and love you. Please stick it out as best as you can. Check out the local USO or call to get in touch with someone from that organization to give you the help and support you need. Pray to God the Father Almighty to bring you home safely. I proclaim your safety with the power of Psalm 91. May you find yourself home safe in the arms of your mother country (The USA) soon. May you be able to have fun and enjoy time with your families.

Freedom isnt FREE, just ask Any Soldier.

Freedom isn't FREE, just ask Any Soldier.

War is not beautiful and leaves permanent scars that can be smoothed over, but never undone. Please be sure to address any issues with the appropriate facilities to ensure that your mental health as well as your physical health is in order so that you may live full and productive lives. Again, I appreciate your sacrifice to keep our country FREE. I will NEVER take that right for granted.

God Bless all of you. I too speak the words that are best described by country singer Lee Greenwood in his song. “I am proud to be a American, where at least I know I ‘m free…”.

Come home safe, come home free. We look forward to your safe returns.


Joseph R. Mays
Former US Marine
“Semper Fidelis”

Happy Birthday Tammy!


Play Happy Birthday Song

Happy Birthday to my sister Tammy.

May your birthday be full of joy, happiness and celebration.

with love,

your brother

Joseph R. Mays