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Take Advantage of the Power of Social Networking

Social Networking is all the craze these days. In reality it has been around for a while and has taken more of a mainstream stance now when it comes to advertising businesses. These networks have many amenities to offer and they vary from network to network. Some pay members to view ads.  Others encourage members to share photos, videos and music. And others go even further and offer a place for people to meet new people and form business and/or personal relationships. We have created a place for you to join these social networks en masse and increase your social networking power. This allows you to get more viewers for your blog or website or more customers to buy your products.

You cannot afford to miss out on the power of social networking and it\’s impact in the world of e-commerce today. Everything from advertising to the popularity and rank of the sites themselves.

Join these social networks and increase your exposure and personal and business contacts.

Yours in social networking success,

Joseph R. Mays


Submit Your Blog to Search Directories to Increase Readership and Traffic to Your Blog

Submitting your blog to blog directories and search engines is one sure fire to attract attention to your blog. Increased traffic and readership are going to be some of the gains you’ll receive by submitting your blog. Some of the top search directories are indexed on the major search engines and some of these sites are search engines themselves. So you can’t go wrong. This means multiple ways for people to find your blog. 🙂

For a list of 20 of the top blog promotion websites please visit Search Engine Journal.

Yours in promoting your blog across the blogosphere,

Joseph R. Mays

Free Advertising Resources for Your Business or Home


Advertising your business opportunity to the world is one good way to get recognition and visitors to your websites. There are free and paid advertising sources out there for you to submit your websites/business to. They all have a variety of features like enhancements (bold type, colored backgrounds, emoticons, search engine placement, pay-per-click and more). If you use paid advertising, choose your source carefully and look around to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. Monitor your results with statistics wherever possible.

Here is a list of sites that offer classified advertising.

Classified Ads Sites

Yours in website promotion,

Joseph R. Mays

SFI Store Debuts Tomorrow (January 5, 2009)

Hello readers.

Tomorrow is the dawn of a new era in SFI (Strong Futures International)/Eye Earn. The company is debuting the rollout of it’s new store tomorrow. The following features are a part of the updates that affiliates will be presented tomorrow.

* Dramatic simplification for getting started, becoming an EA, and more
* New training program for new affiliates
* Tons of new marketing and business-building aids
* More “internationalization”
* New and improved
* An with several exciting new bonuses
* More incentives for becoming an EA and maintaining EA status
* More incentives for advancing through all the Team Leader ranks
* Affiliate Center facelift (new, simpler navigation and menus, etc.)

today and bookmark it.

Yours in online shopping,

Joseph R. Mays

Blog Syndication Website ( is Shutting Down

Hello Readers.

I have some information to pass on to you. The blog syndication website BlogRush ( is shutting down their service. I enjoyed some traffic from them. I was not blogging long enough to take advantage of all of their services, but they did help. That was their whole intent; to help people promote their blogs.

Although I wish they weren’t shutting down, I respect their decision. I am bidding a fond farewell to them and look forward to any new ventures they may pursue. Drop them a line and say hello and thank them for the service.

Yours in website promotion,

Joseph R. Mays

Follow-up to my previous post about SFI Business

Dear Readers,

I apologize for the gap in posts, but I am back. I will fill in the blanks with a lot of good and interesting news I am sure you’ll enjoy.

As indicated in my last post, I went to Atlantic City, NJ and had a wonderful time for my birthday. That was followed up by a spectacular weekend in Cleveland, Ohio. When Drew Carey says “Cleveland Rocks!”, he wasn’t lying. I can’t wait to go back. Thank you Cleveland. I am sorry my Cowboys beat up on your football team, but you have a beautiful city. I’ll let you all know about places to go when you go there, if you’ve never been there before. Put it on your list of “Things to Do”, “Places to go”.

My most recent project as the title suggested is for SFI. I have created a brand new site and blog that are exclusively mine for the promotion of the SFI and Eye Earn business. It’s purpose it to help promote my current and future team members.

Check it out today. A lot of new developments are coming and you don’t want to miss out on them. Sign-up is FREE.

I have to go. Feel free to leave comments below.

Have wonderful day and check back for our catch-up blogs. I have a lot of information and photos to share with you.

Yours in success,

Joseph R. Mays
Executive Affiliate – SFI
Future Team Leader

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With you can raise money without banks or brokers. simplifies the process of raising money and allows you to profit as well. allows you to stay in control of the funds you need. This simple and easy to follow system comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee.

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Yours in success and fundraising,

Joseph R. Mays