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Print-on-Demand Means Profit$ for Entrepreneurs

Print-on-demand has made a new niche of home business owners. Creating products on their computers with little to no cost and no inventory. Companies like Zazzle and Cafe Press make it easy for entrepreneurs to slip behind a keyboard, create some products and market them to the world all with a couple clicks of a mouse. I too have become one of these entrepreneurs.

I have a digital camera, write poetry and have a creative mind. I am combining all of these these things together to carve a new niche for myself. I can market my poetry and my pictures to items from mugs, T-shirts to embroidered bags.

To see my products go here.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Yours in living life and achieving the American Dream,

Joseph R. Mays


Give Positive Support to People in their Dreams and Endeavors

Support people in their dreams and endeavors. Don’t put them down because YOU can’t see THEIR vision. It is THEIR dream, THEIR vision and THEIR plan and as long as THEY have faith in their endeavors and themselves, then they are halfway there. There are too many times where people spend more time fighting back negativity and it affects them physically and mentally. How do you know that this person won’t invent the next new operating system or a life-saving device that could save the life of YOUR family member?

Let’s cease and desist with the negativity and encourage our fellow man (or woman). 🙂

It is a new world, a new age and a new direction that we’re headed in. Let’s stay positive and move down the path to educational, financial, social and spiritual prosperity.

As a self-proclaimed dreamer and chaser of my dreams, I proclaim a blessing over ALL like-minded individuals and leave you with this inspirational video by christian gospel singer Jeremy Camp.

Jeremy Camp – Walk by Faith

Yours in fulfilling dreams and goals,

Joseph R. Mays

Free Advertising Resources for Your Business or Home


Advertising your business opportunity to the world is one good way to get recognition and visitors to your websites. There are free and paid advertising sources out there for you to submit your websites/business to. They all have a variety of features like enhancements (bold type, colored backgrounds, emoticons, search engine placement, pay-per-click and more). If you use paid advertising, choose your source carefully and look around to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. Monitor your results with statistics wherever possible.

Here is a list of sites that offer classified advertising.

Classified Ads Sites

Yours in website promotion,

Joseph R. Mays

From Paper to Patent – Birth of a Concept Design

Hello Readers.

This blog entry is a very special one and requires YOUR input. You have the potential to literally change a man’s life. Most inventors give up a lot pursuing ideas. They put in long hours and exhaust funds and have a hard time in some cases getting people and/or support for their ideas. They are ridiculed and told it won’t work, but the determined ones press on despite the naysayers.

I am writing you today about Julius Long. He created and patented a concept design for fire fighting equipment. I have met him personally and am working with him in accordance with my promise in my profile. Evaluate the photos and the pictures for now and look at the patent drawings. A video demonstration will be added soon.

I am calling on YOU (my readers) to honestly evaluate and comment on his design/idea. I am asking you to also come back to this page and comment as well. I really need your help on this. I want to help someone see their dream become a reality. Won’t you join me in doing so? All that we are asking from you is your honest evaluation of his concept design.

Thank you ahead of time.

Yours in innovation and success,

Joseph R. Mays

Let Us Teach Our Children (and Ourselves) About The Following: (PLEASE PASS THIS ON)

Let us teach our children (and ourselves) about the following:

Net Worth Real Estate Stocks Mutual Funds Interest

Equity ETF’s Bonds Tax-Deferred Capital Gains

OPM Leveraging Business Owner Entrepreneur Corporation

Assets Asset Protection Wills Living Trusts Insurance (types of)

Wealth Building Legacy Estate Home Ownership Financial Freedom

Morals Ethics Values Voting Freedom

Constitution Rights Congress Senate Elected Officials

Polling Place Voter Registration Inspiration Education Motivation

Respect Dignity Integrity Patience Spirituality

History Arts Culture Diversity Recognition

Success Failure Honor Diligence Perseverance

Esteem Pride FICO Score Credit Report Mortgage




Wall Street Journal


Choose To Save




A better community can burst forth if we spread this information to those in need. We can ALL live better if we have the proper tools (knowledge/education) to make better decisions and avoid (as much as possible) those things that prevent us from being our best. In addition, we can have a better opportunity to live our lives the way we would like and have a better quality of life in the process. I would like YOUR help in making this dream come true, not just for my family, but for YOU and YOUR family/families as well. That… is my dream. A dream not shared is a dream not worth having.

Yours in LIFE and SUCCESS,

Joseph R. Mays