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Print-on-Demand Means Profit$ for Entrepreneurs

Print-on-demand has made a new niche of home business owners. Creating products on their computers with little to no cost and no inventory. Companies like Zazzle and Cafe Press make it easy for entrepreneurs to slip behind a keyboard, create some products and market them to the world all with a couple clicks of a mouse. I too have become one of these entrepreneurs.

I have a digital camera, write poetry and have a creative mind. I am combining all of these these things together to carve a new niche for myself. I can market my poetry and my pictures to items from mugs, T-shirts to embroidered bags.

To see my products go here.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Yours in living life and achieving the American Dream,

Joseph R. Mays


Take Advantage of the Power of Social Networking

Social Networking is all the craze these days. In reality it has been around for a while and has taken more of a mainstream stance now when it comes to advertising businesses. These networks have many amenities to offer and they vary from network to network. Some pay members to view ads.  Others encourage members to share photos, videos and music. And others go even further and offer a place for people to meet new people and form business and/or personal relationships. We have created a place for you to join these social networks en masse and increase your social networking power. This allows you to get more viewers for your blog or website or more customers to buy your products.

You cannot afford to miss out on the power of social networking and it\’s impact in the world of e-commerce today. Everything from advertising to the popularity and rank of the sites themselves.

Join these social networks and increase your exposure and personal and business contacts.

Yours in social networking success,

Joseph R. Mays

Free Advertising Resources for Your Business or Home


Advertising your business opportunity to the world is one good way to get recognition and visitors to your websites. There are free and paid advertising sources out there for you to submit your websites/business to. They all have a variety of features like enhancements (bold type, colored backgrounds, emoticons, search engine placement, pay-per-click and more). If you use paid advertising, choose your source carefully and look around to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. Monitor your results with statistics wherever possible.

Here is a list of sites that offer classified advertising.

Classified Ads Sites

Yours in website promotion,

Joseph R. Mays

SFI Store Debuts Tomorrow (January 5, 2009)

Hello readers.

Tomorrow is the dawn of a new era in SFI (Strong Futures International)/Eye Earn. The company is debuting the rollout of it’s new store tomorrow. The following features are a part of the updates that affiliates will be presented tomorrow.

* Dramatic simplification for getting started, becoming an EA, and more
* New training program for new affiliates
* Tons of new marketing and business-building aids
* More “internationalization”
* New and improved
* An with several exciting new bonuses
* More incentives for becoming an EA and maintaining EA status
* More incentives for advancing through all the Team Leader ranks
* Affiliate Center facelift (new, simpler navigation and menus, etc.)

today and bookmark it.

Yours in online shopping,

Joseph R. Mays

Raise Money for Your Business with Fundraiser 1.0

With you can raise money without banks or brokers. simplifies the process of raising money and allows you to profit as well. allows you to stay in control of the funds you need. This simple and easy to follow system comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee.

Signing up is as easy as clicking the button below.

Raise Money for Your Business with Fundraiser 1.0

Yours in success and fundraising,

Joseph R. Mays

Start Your Own Profitable Internet Business From Home

SFI is the perfect for the entreprenuer that has a low budget and big dreams. It is free to join and comes with a website and online tools (marketing aids, tips and support) to get you started right out of the gate. Best of all, it is an international business and you can work at home. They are in countries like India, Africa and Indonesia.

They are not a sign’em up, make the money and run type of business. They have credibility in the marketplace and even have their own store. They have been around since 1985. SFI offers products for alike. Categories like , , , , books, business tools, tech services, wireless telephone plans, soap and shampoo and more. They have quality products and make it lucrative for their affiliates to participate in the business. SFI has broadened their horizons and made it even MORE lucrative by adding . The possibilities for recurring commissions is staggering. A great plus for any business. The plans are great for anyone without access to , IAB is designed to suit a variety of health needs. Choose from among four different offering up to 45 different medical, health, dental, wellness, and lifestyle benefits. IAB is one of the most lucrative products SFI has ever offered to its affiliates! Whether as a prospective affiliate or a customer, you owe it to yourself to check out the . It will be well worth your time. I have been with them since October 1999 and they have only gotten better. Check them out today here or via the link below.


Joseph R. Mays

Updates to Blog Entry – 10-01-2008

Update: to Support Team Members
Update: Created to Support Team Members
Update: Created to Support Team Members

Updates to Blog Entry – 01-30-2009

Multiple Ways to Build your Business

by purchasing the Starter Kit and put your business on Autopilot (automatic sign-ups monthly as long as you requalify monthly (simple form/questionnaire) and no further cost other than the initial $20 fee).

– Sell Your Unwanted Items Online (NEW SFI Product/Service) – Very Lucrative

and make commissions on the sales of their unwanted items.

FREE Support from me with co-ops set up to automatically send referrals to you like the URL under my name. If you prefer to join directly under me, then .

I want motivated individuals who WANT to DO BETTER and live a BETTER LIFE and are WILLING to FOLLOW the simple steps to GET PROMOTED. The NEXT FOUR people that SIGN UP AND CONTACT ME will get a $25 gift certificate to help you upgrade or get the Eye Earn Starter Kit.  You only have FIVE DAYS to use it. If you are serious, it won’t be a problem. I look forward to meeting the next four leaders on my team.

NOTE: The Top Performer on my Team has their OWN Co-op to get leads from. You MUST to even have a  chance or the current Top Performer will lead for a long, long time. However, don’t fret. I provide co-ops on ALL levels to help people build their teams. It ISN”T just about me. I CAN’T make it if YOU don’t make it.

Review of “The World’s #1 Cash Generating System

Hello. I am here to provide you with a review of “.

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Are you laid off, unemployed, barely making enough to keep up with the bills and expenses?

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Joseph R. Mays