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Print-on-Demand Means Profit$ for Entrepreneurs

Print-on-demand has made a new niche of home business owners. Creating products on their computers with little to no cost and no inventory. Companies like Zazzle and Cafe Press make it easy for entrepreneurs to slip behind a keyboard, create some products and market them to the world all with a couple clicks of a mouse. I too have become one of these entrepreneurs.

I have a digital camera, write poetry and have a creative mind. I am combining all of these these things together to carve a new niche for myself. I can market my poetry and my pictures to items from mugs, T-shirts to embroidered bags.

To see my products go here.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Yours in living life and achieving the American Dream,

Joseph R. Mays


Take Advantage of the Power of Social Networking

Social Networking is all the craze these days. In reality it has been around for a while and has taken more of a mainstream stance now when it comes to advertising businesses. These networks have many amenities to offer and they vary from network to network. Some pay members to view ads.  Others encourage members to share photos, videos and music. And others go even further and offer a place for people to meet new people and form business and/or personal relationships. We have created a place for you to join these social networks en masse and increase your social networking power. This allows you to get more viewers for your blog or website or more customers to buy your products.

You cannot afford to miss out on the power of social networking and it\’s impact in the world of e-commerce today. Everything from advertising to the popularity and rank of the sites themselves.

Join these social networks and increase your exposure and personal and business contacts.

Yours in social networking success,

Joseph R. Mays

Submit Your Blog to Search Directories to Increase Readership and Traffic to Your Blog

Submitting your blog to blog directories and search engines is one sure fire to attract attention to your blog. Increased traffic and readership are going to be some of the gains you’ll receive by submitting your blog. Some of the top search directories are indexed on the major search engines and some of these sites are search engines themselves. So you can’t go wrong. This means multiple ways for people to find your blog. 🙂

For a list of 20 of the top blog promotion websites please visit Search Engine Journal.

Yours in promoting your blog across the blogosphere,

Joseph R. Mays

Starbucks to Cut 6,000 Jobs and Close Stores as their Earnings Drop 69%

As if we needed to hear more economic bad news, Starbucks joins other companies with sagging and or negative growth. This has resulted in a move to eliminate 6,000 jobs () and close 300 more stores. They join and National Wholesale Liquidators. These retailers are shutting down all their stores. announced back in December that it was closing 10% of it’s stores. The story link here is from USA Today.

For more information on this story please visit .

Yours in economic news,

Joseph R. Mays

US Postal Service Proposes a Five-Day Delivery Week Due to Budget Shortfall

The United States Postal Service is running a proposal for approval past Congress for eliminating one delivery day to help stave off the costs of operating under the current economic conditions. The post office says it losing money by operating on these slow delivery days.
For more on this story visit the LA Times.

Yours in economic news that affects you,

Joseph R. Mays

Give Positive Support to People in their Dreams and Endeavors

Support people in their dreams and endeavors. Don’t put them down because YOU can’t see THEIR vision. It is THEIR dream, THEIR vision and THEIR plan and as long as THEY have faith in their endeavors and themselves, then they are halfway there. There are too many times where people spend more time fighting back negativity and it affects them physically and mentally. How do you know that this person won’t invent the next new operating system or a life-saving device that could save the life of YOUR family member?

Let’s cease and desist with the negativity and encourage our fellow man (or woman). 🙂

It is a new world, a new age and a new direction that we’re headed in. Let’s stay positive and move down the path to educational, financial, social and spiritual prosperity.

As a self-proclaimed dreamer and chaser of my dreams, I proclaim a blessing over ALL like-minded individuals and leave you with this inspirational video by christian gospel singer Jeremy Camp.

Jeremy Camp – Walk by Faith

Yours in fulfilling dreams and goals,

Joseph R. Mays

Free Advertising Resources for Your Business or Home


Advertising your business opportunity to the world is one good way to get recognition and visitors to your websites. There are free and paid advertising sources out there for you to submit your websites/business to. They all have a variety of features like enhancements (bold type, colored backgrounds, emoticons, search engine placement, pay-per-click and more). If you use paid advertising, choose your source carefully and look around to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. Monitor your results with statistics wherever possible.

Here is a list of sites that offer classified advertising.

Classified Ads Sites

Yours in website promotion,

Joseph R. Mays