Take Advantage of the Power of Social Networking

Social Networking is all the craze these days. In reality it has been around for a while and has taken more of a mainstream stance now when it comes to advertising businesses. These networks have many amenities to offer and they vary from network to network. Some pay members to view ads.  Others encourage members to share photos, videos and music. And others go even further and offer a place for people to meet new people and form business and/or personal relationships. We have created a place for you to join these social networks en masse and increase your social networking power. This allows you to get more viewers for your blog or website or more customers to buy your products.

You cannot afford to miss out on the power of social networking and it\’s impact in the world of e-commerce today. Everything from advertising to the popularity and rank of the sites themselves.

Join these social networks and increase your exposure and personal and business contacts.

Yours in social networking success,

Joseph R. Mays


3 responses to “Take Advantage of the Power of Social Networking

  1. On topic:
    I have always looked on these social-networking sites with disdain, because as I would say, “I already have several personal sites and a couple blogs to maintain; why would I want to give myself more work to do? I thought my Internet presence was strong enough. However, I find that many of my old friends are there on Facebook, and I find it somewhat rewarding to communicate with them there. What I’m looking for is a way to integrate my experience of Facebooking and make it easy, quick and fun to do while I’m working on other stuff. Also I would prefer doing this social stuff on my OWN site better than being on Facebook.
    And now off-topic:
    I like your choice of style. I assume your Cutline theme is modified in some special way to achieve the “1995” web look. I really do like the appearance and readability of a good, old-fashioned, white background and Times New Roman text descending in order. Have you any intention of sharing this theme the way you have it now?

  2. OK it’s me again. When I first loaded your site, it was unstyled for whatever reason, and after I made my first comment then it loaded cutline pretty much unmodified. It looks nice, but I liked it with that retro look that happened by accident before. I’m going to try stripping some of the styling from my blog to achieve that ’90’s look. Maybe then I will publish it as a retro theme. Thank you for the inspiration.

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