Super Bowl is now set and the Winners are: The Arizona Cardinals and The Pittsburgh Steelers

Sunday is that day that some wives dread, but football fans adore. Sunday.

The ritual is repeated each year with adoration and fun. The viewers look forward to the new commercials which advertisers pay a pretty penny to get their new catchy ad seen in front of a large audience. It is their chance at eternal media fame or flopdom. Everyone is seeking the notoriety as in the Mean Joe Green commercial which I still remember to this day.

My predictions for the never materialized. The were defeathered by the and so too were the by the Steel Curtain defense of the . It’s deja vu for Kurt Warner as he helped to get the to their FIRST EVER. Quite an accomplishment for the team and they were impressive doing it. As I stated, I have to allow the to represent the NFC for me. It would have been and then . Well, you know the story already. 🙂 LOL My are home around the fire with Romo and TO. :-O LOL

Let’s get ready for some fun on and keep it safe and keep it positive.

A few stories on Super Bowl Ads – Super Bowl Commercial Previews – 9 month old baby creates chaos (not Super bowl Related but funny to watch)

Atlanta Journal Constitution – Pepsico unveils ads for Super Bowl Sunday

LA Times – Advertisers shell out for Super Bowl spots

WDEF in Tennessee – Mean Joe Green Super Bowl Commercial

Yours in hilarious Super Bowl commercials,

Joseph R. Mays


One response to “Super Bowl is now set and the Winners are: The Arizona Cardinals and The Pittsburgh Steelers

  1. Check out this Super Bowl video for the AUA! With practically the entire nation tuned in, the AUA is using Super Bowl Sunday to spread awareness about prostate cancer. The disease is the second leading cause of cancer death for men in the US. Help spread the word about prostate cancer- early detection can save lives.

    AUA Super Bowl Video on YouTube-

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