House Defeats Bill to Delay Digital Television Transition until June

In a stinging slap to the face of American citizens and President Barack Obama, the House selfishly defeated a bill that would have delayed the transition to digital television from February to June. All praises to the Senate for trying to put the needs of the country FIRST and being compassionate. Members of the House need to sit out for a while without jobs, with a foreclosed home and without a working TV set to see how they would feel. Money is being dealt out to all these financial institutions and consumers are getting shafted even more. More CHANGE is needed to ensure that citizens have a government that is truly FOR the people and BY the people. Many people cannot afford the cost of the digital TV transition and need some more time to get ready. Additionally, the had run out of money and many people are on the waiting list for coupons.

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If this affects you or someone you know, please take action and write our elected officials and express your opinion on matters that are near and dear to you or someone else you care about.

Yours in fairness in government policy and decision making,

Joseph R. Mays

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