Putting the Finishing Touches on President Barack Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony

Thousands of people (including myself) braved the cold weather today to watch National Park Service and other workers put the finishing touches on the inauguration preparations. Security fencing was being installed to control access to and from the inauguration ceremony grounds. They worked pretty fast because I had to make a slight adjustment on my way out because they had installed the fencing across my original path I took to get over to the inauguration grounds. It was a warm occasion because everyone was excited to be there and the view was beautiful. The sun lit the underside of the clouds to give a majestic sunset setting as a backdrop for the Capitol Building. It is truly a historic moment and it feels good to be a part of it.

Our Capitol Police were hard at work protecting our interests and safety. Make sure you thank them and say hello when you see them when you go down there. They have a very important job and don’t always get the thanks they deserve to ensure that we can witness history in a safe environment.

I took some pictures just you (my blog audience) while I was down there.  All I ask you to do is to share the pictures with others who are not privileged to be there or don’t have a camera or as a good gesture to let someone have a piece of history in the making. Just make sure you mention the source of the pictures. You can link back to us as well.

Picture Narration/Chronology

I approached the area and took a picture of one of the banners telling ticket-holding spectators which way to go to there respective areas. I was then welcomed warmly by Barack Obama’s Animal Welcoming Committee. LOL 🙂 Several squirrels came all the way up to my shoe. A good start to my journey.

Then comes the security barriers that were erected to control the crowds and a Metro bus with a plant and flower scene painted on it. Metro YOU move DC. Thank you and all your employees for helping me several years ago and for helping people get around during major events like this. As a matter of fact, I am taking a moment out to thank all employees “down in the trenches”/behind the scenes that help make events like this go smoothly. 🙂

I started taking pictures of the east side of the Capitol Building. The President is supposed to parade past the troops on this side. The sun was going down and less light was available, then the sun started shining on the underside of the clouds in shades of reds and orange. The lights that shine on the Capitol Building came on adding to the effect. I took several shots of myself with the Capitol Building in the background. I used my camera’s remote control and a tripod to take the pictures. 🙂

I proceeded around to the western side where the seats are placed to view the ceremony. Two huge Jumbotrons were on this side with the 56th Presidential Inauguration message on both for now. This will allow people to see what going on at different points on the mall.

If you have to “go”, they have more than accommodated us in that department as well with rows of Portajohns available in multiple locations. It is going to be nice all around.

The finale was some night shots of the Capitol Building after the sun had gone down. Enjoy them all and share them with your friends. 🙂

Yours in Inauguration Day history,

Joseph R. Mays 🙂

PS. For detailed information about the Inauguration Day ceremonies visit the following resources:

Avoid Driving into DC on Inauguration Day

More Inauguration Day Traffic and Road Closure Information

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