President Barack Obama Urges Community Service During Inauguration

President Barack Obama urged the community to put community service first and not make the all about him. Putting our hands and heads together and working with each other. Barack Obama shows yet again another strong point of his persona that made him my candidate for President. He doesn’t want it to be all about him. He is truly there for the people and I know that at the end of his first term, America will be a very beautiful country. America is a beautiful place now with a wide variety of people and cultures, but it will be so much more so when he is done. And it won’t be just him alone, it will be us (America and the world) joining together for the greater good of the nation. America will experience prosperity like she has never known. Children will have better schools and college students will be able to afford college and get a good quality education. Teachers will be appreciated for what they do and law enforcement officials as well. They all undertake jobs that can be very difficult at times, but we as Americans (ALL) need to appreciate that and give them all the support they deserve. Let’s band together as I’ve said before and get ourselves together. Put colors and cultures on the shelf and embrace each other with our hearts.

Associated Press: Full story

With love, unity and steadfast support for Barack Obama

Joseph R. Mays


2 responses to “President Barack Obama Urges Community Service During Inauguration

  1. karmichael spiller

    Please fill free to call me karmichael, I would like to thank you for your inspiration, it takes a special kind of person to do what you do. Never in life have I felt a greater since to answer the call of duty then, I do now. I am very inspired by our great leader the man, President Barack Obama. May God’s blessings rain down upon him as he dams up the old to hew out of a nation in despair new tributaries, which flows prosperously toward the oases of the, American dream. Joseph you have made differences with me so now it is we and I will do my part. As an individual you felt a responsibility to inspire others to make our nation great, which makes you one of the many new tributaries being hewed out of this great land, THESE UNITYED STATES OF AMERICA.

    We all share in the responsibility people, because we are all in this together. Barack Obama needs and deserve our support and ideas for a greater, America. I would like your readers to know that, I suffer with the crippling mental disorder call dyslexia, and that, I am also an inventor whose dream is to help, President Obama fulfill Americas promise to Americans with disabilities. Change begins with all of us, so I am going to do my part by way of my ideas and new inventions for disabled Americans, but more particularly those who have language-base learning disabilities. The next time you and your readers here from me, I will let you all know what the invention is and bring you up to date on my progress. Joseph, keep up the good work and know that, I am honored to work with President Obama and you toward the greater good of our nation.

    I love you America and YES WE CAN.

    Your readers can Email- if they like.


  2. karmichael spiller

    Your readers can e-mail-me @ if they like.

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