The “Battle of the Birds” is on – The Philadelphia Eagles Defeated the #1 Seeded New York Giants

The banded together today to defeat their NFC East nemesis the . The repeated what the themselves did last year. They defeated the #1 seeded NFC playoff team. The went up by a score of 13-11 and never looked back. Two key turnovers and defensive stops made the difference in the game. The have not played as well as they should have after the loss of .

The now move on to Arizona where they will be hosted by the NFC West Division Champion . The “Battle of the Birds”. 🙂

Both teams have played very well recently. It should be a very interesting game next weekend. and are at the helm of their respective teams and will be giving it everything they have to make it to the big dance; in Tampa, Florida on February 1, 2009.

I look for the to take it all the way. Have to stay loyal to the NFC East. 🙂 is at home, so the will do.

Yours in NFL excitement and fun,

Joseph R. Mays


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