Arizona Cardinals Break the East Coast Hex by defeating the Carolina Panthers 33-13

On Saturday January 10, 2009, the NFL showcased their NFC Divisional game between the and the . In a surprising show of football domination, the NFC West Division Champion handily defeated the by a score of 33-13.

Most teams that come from the west coast and endure the time change do not usually win on the road on the East Coast. That was a big point that was played out in the news before they played.

At half-time the were up by a score of 27-7. They went on to get two field goals. They had the game in hand at that point. The scored a touchdown in the waning moments of the game to give them 13 points on the day. They missed the extra point attempt.

The will face the winner of the and game already in progress. At the moment, it looks like it may be a NFC “Battle of the Birds” ( and ).

Yours in NFL Playoff excitement

Joseph R. Mays

PS. Super Bowl LVIII on February 1, 2009


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