Indianapolis Colts Defeated; Philadelphia Eagles and San Diego Chargers Advance

Sunday was not a good day for Indianapolis Colts fans. It is not the way I wanted Tony Dungee to go out. However, he did accomplish his mission last year with a win over the New England Patriots. I had also picked them to be the AFC contender in Super Bowl LVIII. So much for that. We move on now to Saturday and Sunday with the final AFC and NFC Divisional match-ups on the NFL Road to Super Bowl LVIII.

Donovan McNabb and the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Minnesota Vikings by a score of 26-14 to advance and play the New York Giants on Sunday at 1:00PM on Fox. Kurt Warner and the Arizona Cardinals defeated the Atlanta Falcons and advanced to play the Carolina Panthers on Saturday at 8:15 PM on Fox.  San Diego Chargers defeated the Indianapolis Colts by a score of 23-17. They advanced to play the Pittsburgh Steelers. That game starts on Sunday at 4:45PM ET on CBS.

Jeff Fisher’s  Tennessee Titans, the New York Giants, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Carolina Panthers all had first round byes. The Tennesee Titans play the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday at 4:30PM on CBS. The Baltimore Ravens crushed the Miami Dolphins 27-9.

The Super Bowl will be held at Tampa, Florida this year. Super Bowl LVIII Pre-Game festivities start at 0:00PM. Kickoff for the Super Bowl LVIII is at 6:00PM on February 1, 2009.

Yours in NFL news,

Joseph R. Mays

PS. And yes, the Dallas Cowboys are sitting at home where they need to be.


One response to “Indianapolis Colts Defeated; Philadelphia Eagles and San Diego Chargers Advance

  1. If, like me, you could not care less about any of the teams playing this weekend, don’t despair. Instead use this handy flowchart to determine who you should be rooting for. Neat-o.

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