Dallas Cowboys Continue their Losing Ways at NFL Playoff Time

The Dallas Cowboys are showing their losing ways again when it really counts. They are losing to the Philadelphia Eagles 44-3 as of 6:43PM Eastern time. there is no hope of recovery from this mauling. They were beat up on by the New Orleans Saints in a similiar fashion at a time when the Dallas Cowboys really needed to step it up.  December is NOT a good month for the Cowboys since Tony Romo arrived. It isn’t just the quarterback to blame, it is all members of the team sharing the blame. Terrell Owens cried about no play time, but on several occassions dropped passes. Marion Barber did an excellent job of rushing throughout the year. We need a better backup quarterback to help us out in a clutch situation.

I really appreciated the victory over the New York Giants several weeks ago, but they fell apart at the hands of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens.

The winner goes to the playoffs and the Cowboys knew this. Now they get a free ride home and get to see the Super Bowl from the sidelines…. AGAIN! They will be okay when they learn to carry their momentum throughout the season.  Obviously you will have good competition in the NFL, but it can be done with team play and the want and will to win.

I am still a loyal Dallas Cowboys fan, but it is disheartening to see them destroy their own destiny. We have to wait until next year..AGAIN. Good Luck to the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants fans. I’ll follow whichever one makes it to the Super Bowl. Keep it in the NFC East. I predict the Indianapolis Colts to be the AFC conference winner for the Super Bowl. You heard it here first. 🙂

Yours in NFL disasters (LOL),

Joseph R. Mays


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