A Helping Hand for Those in Need

Hello readers.

I am back with my primary mission of providing information that people can use.

If you are behind on your mortgage payments and foreclosure is looming, please know that bankruptcy does NOT have to be an option. Furthermore, please know that there is help out there specifically for you and others like you in this financial crisis we are in.

This recession has taken it’s toll on many businesses and individuals alike. Automotive giants like Ford and GM are bowing down to the pressure that both a weak ecomony and high gas prices took on their industry. Layoffs and firings in the thousands loom ahead if the automakers can’t get things going again.

Take down the following numbers and pass it on to your friends and family members. Let’s help keep each other afloat financially so we can come out on the other side of the crisis better and more prepared to enjoy our lives to the fullest.

Please call the following number for more information and to see if you qualify for mortgage help.


Do it today. I don’t get any commissions or kickbacks, just the satisfaction of knowing that another homeowner won’t lose their home that they worked so hard to have in the first place.

That is my payback. 🙂

Yours in (continued) homeownership,

Joseph R. Mays

PS. More resources here

One response to “A Helping Hand for Those in Need

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