iPod! Tax? What’s else is in store for New Yorkers?

An article today told about how the governor of the State of New York is proposing an iTunes! tax to make up for the budget shortfall. It is bad enough that gas had gone up to $4.00+ a gallon earlier this year and food prices as well. I think the first place they should tighten the belt is luxuries and amenities that the governor gets. If we as people have to take a hit, then so should they. I can work with a governor or even a president willing to make some personal sacrifices right along with the people. He should ask former Virginia governor Mark Warner for some belt tightening and state budget tips.

We get taxed enough. I understand taxes help bring in revenue for essential services for the community, but they (taxes) are NOT spread around evenly amongst the people and corporations that use the services such as trash removal, water and sewer and transportation projects. And the little guys are the ones shouldering most of the load.

iPods! are purely for pleasure and learning. Let them remain that way. I am sure that all and users would agree.  Tax something that is more meaningful and the majority of people willing to help with it.

Yours in tax reform and looking out for the people,

Joseph R. Mays

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