A Beautiful Walk in the Park

Today was a wonderful and very beautiful day in the Washington DC area today. I visited a local park today in Grennbelt, Maryland and relaxed taking the smell of freshly fallen leaves on the ground and fed one of my furry friends. I also saw a buck (at least a four-point) which was with three does while I was in the woods. The buck and the does were staring me down for a while to see what I was and if I was a threat to them. They both (buck itself and the does as a group) finally moved so that I could take a picture of them. The buck was behind the trees where I couldn’t get a clear shot of him. The does were behind some trees as well and finally came out onto the main path. It was a beautiful culmination to a relaxing day. I have several pictures to leave you with. I’ll have more pictures of other things like moss, fallen trees, bracket fungi and other forest pictures later. Enjoy. 🙂

My Furry Friend

Yours in nature and relaxation,

Joseph R. Mays


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