If YOU Don’t VOTE, Don’t Complain

This message is for all voters out there in the United States of America.


There are thousands of people that have died to give you the right to vote and protect it as well. This includes the military, voting and civil rights activists and laws enacted as a result of their work. If YOU don’t use it (voting right), YOU don’t deserve to be heard. Voting is YOUR voice. Yes it is only one (1), but ONE (1) vote CAN make a difference. YOU could be that difference. How would you feel if you find out that your candidate lost by ONE (1) vote and you didn’t vote? Don’t let it be you. Support your candidate all the way.

After we vote and the election is over doesn’t mean it is over for us. We can still communicate with our elected officials by phone, mail, fax, email, chat and more. Let them hear from you. Let them know how you feel about issues that affect you and your community.

I am Joseph Mays and I approved this message.


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