We Will Never Forget: Thomas Morris and Joseph Curseen

October 21, 2001 was a fateful day for my coworkers and I at the Brentwood Road Post Office in Washington, DC. I reported to work to find out that our building had been shut down due to anthrax contamination and we were directed to go to Judiciary Square to get tested for anthrax and receive medicine.

As a result of this contamination, two of my coworkers Joseph Curseen and Thomas Morris died from exposure.

I had worked with Joseph Curseen on the DBCS (Delivery Bar Code Sorter) just a couple of days prior on Saturday night. It hits you hard when one day you see your co-worker and the next time you hear about them they’re gone.

There is a lot more to this story, but today we are honoring the memory of my two fallen co-workers so they will not be forgotten. In previous years time was taken out to honor them and a moment of silence was taken.

I am blogging here to make sure they are not forgotten by time. Their lives were precious to the families that loved them and the communities they served and lived in. The Main Post Office at 900 Brentwood Road NE in Washington, DC was renamed in their honor. It is now known as the Curseen-Morris P&DC.

Take a moment out when you read this to pray for continued healing for their families.

Please find below a picture of each man.

Joseph Curseen

In Memory of Joseph Curseen

In Memory of Joseph Curseen

Thomas Morris

In Memory of Thomas Morris

In Memory of Thomas Morris

May they both continue to rest in peace and may God watch over their families in Jesus name. Amen

Joseph R. Mays
Former Electronic Technician
US Postal Service

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