Let Congress Hear Your Voice in November 2008

Come November 2008, America will usher in a new era. The citizens of the United States of America will shout out to the world that they want change and they want it NOW!

Congressional oversights on incidents like the financial crisis we are currently in has caused too much tribulation in the economy of the United States of America. It has had far reaching and global implications which, if not contained, could spell financial disaster here and abroad.

The story is all too familiar. Executives of rich companies leave their broken companies with generous paychecks while the destitute and out-of-job workers get nothing. Their retirement accounts are depleted and they are left holding nothing. Many with years and years of time AND money invested in something that they once considered rock solid.

A safety net (a golden parachute per se) needs to be put into place to protect workers like these so they can have something to carry with them. They were doing what they were supposed to and were left hanging. (“Sorry, pack your belongings”. “The company is closing down tomorrow”. )

A worker’s financial security (i.e. retirement accounts) should NOT be a negotiating chip in company trades. If a worker invested his or her time in that investment vehicle then they should be entitled to carry out their mission. This means that their account should STILL be in place when they retire unless THEY voluntarily vote to give up their account. Twenty years (even ten years) is too much time to invest money and then find out you have nothing to look forward to and/or pull out to live off of. That creates stress of untold proportions and is not needed in today’s already stressful and uncertain economic times.

So do YOUR part in the United States of America and show up at the polling places and express your displeasure at how Congress conducts it’s business. Tell them you want CHANGE and you want it NOW. Pick who you feel is the best candidate for the job and let your VOICE and VOTE be counted.

Yours in truth, fairness and the TRUE American way,

Joseph Mays


One response to “Let Congress Hear Your Voice in November 2008

  1. Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    Allen Taylor

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