Christmas Shopping is Right Around the Corner

Okay boys and girls, do you have your Christmas lists ready for Santa Claus? Have you been good this year? Be honest. LOL

That special time will be upon us aagin in a couple of months. In reality Christmas should be every day. For every day we get a chance to live and breathe is a gift in and of itself. A gift given to us by God on high. When we celebrate Christmas, we celebrate the gift he gave us; His only begotten Son.

It is obvious with each passing year that the message is lost on commercialism. I bring you both with a note that the birth of Jesus Christ is the more important issue of the two. However, I must take care of my family and support them. Therefore I am here to talk about what I can do to help bring smiles to the faces of boys and girls across the United States. That includes the grown-up boys and girls tools. Big boys like toys like tools and Harley Davidson shirts and big girl like things like bubble baths and scented candles.

If you have special people that you need to take care of for Christmas, then let us help. Take a peek at our online catalog and complete your Christmas shopping early and with money to spare. Visit 1 Stop 4 U 2 Shop and tell them Joseph sent you.

Just remember that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Yours in shopping, fun and success,

Joseph Mays

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