From Paper to Patent – Birth of a Concept Design

Hello Readers.

This blog entry is a very special one and requires YOUR input. You have the potential to literally change a man’s life. Most inventors give up a lot pursuing ideas. They put in long hours and exhaust funds and have a hard time in some cases getting people and/or support for their ideas. They are ridiculed and told it won’t work, but the determined ones press on despite the naysayers.

I am writing you today about Julius Long. He created and patented a concept design for fire fighting equipment. I have met him personally and am working with him in accordance with my promise in my profile. Evaluate the photos and the pictures for now and look at the patent drawings. A video demonstration will be added soon.

I am calling on YOU (my readers) to honestly evaluate and comment on his design/idea. I am asking you to also come back to this page and comment as well. I really need your help on this. I want to help someone see their dream become a reality. Won’t you join me in doing so? All that we are asking from you is your honest evaluation of his concept design.

Thank you ahead of time.

Yours in innovation and success,

Joseph R. Mays

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