08-08-08 – The Grand Alignment of the Calendar



08-08-08 or 08.08.08 whichever is preferable to you denotes August 8, 2008.

An alignment of numbers on the calendar. It happens every year at the beginning of the century starting with 2001 and ending with 2012. It starts out as 01-01-01 to 02-02-02 all the way to 12-12-12. Numbers have always been a curiosity with people. Look at the lotteries. Most of our games are numbers based even if we don’t see the numbers.

It looks cool to see this year’s alignment and it occurs in my birth month which makes it even cooler.

We can plan for next year’s alignment on 09-09-09.

As always, I love writing for everyone.

Take care and have a very good weekend.


Joseph R. Mays


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