Support – Help Give Children an Alternative to the Streets

In keeping with my promise to help people, I am delivering to you another story worth reading about. I encourage you to follow your heart after reading and do what you can to help. The way we all make it in life is to form strategic alliances and support each other wherever we can.

I had a chance encounter yesterday that brought this story to light. I will have more on the encounter later, but a substory in that encounter is the subject of this blog entry. Mr. Orrin Hudson, a renown speaker, is what I am talking to you about now. He created a non-profit organization called Be Someone ( He gives children an alternative to the streets, gangs and violence. He teaches them how to play chess. Chess, if you’re not familiar with the game, is all about strategy and moves. He shows them how to play the game and tells them about the consequences of choosing the street as their “game”.

We need organizations like this all around the country and all around the world. Some are fully funded and some are struggling with funding to keep them running. The individuals that run these organizations have a passion for their business and they believe in what they are doing. They also know that their organization is a positive contribution to the community. So let’s pitch in and help out organizations like Be Someone so they can continue to provide desperately needed services in our cities in America. You can donate or buy his book on his website. Either way you’re helping his organization provide services to children in Atlanta.

Thank you.

Yours in community and success,

Joseph R. Mays


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