WARNING – Avoid the Lottery Scam

****WARNING**** ****WARNING**** ****WARNING****

I want to warn people about a scam where someone sends you a letter with a check stating that you have won a lottery. The letter states that you must send them money via Moneygram to pay for your sales taxes since you live outside of Canada. They say that you have a won a large amount ($450,000 in this case) and that taxes you have to pay have already been deducted from your winnings. You must then send them a portion of that money for them to “take care of it”.

They use REAL banking institutions (names and addresses). They have even gone so far as to use an actual bank with LEGITIMATE routing numbers on the check. DO NOT send them any money. Don’t fall for it. I know we are in desperate times now with the economy and they are preying upon that with no mercy.

Throw it all away or report it to the authorities [(FBI)/(US Postal Inspectors)]. Your choice.

Yours in safety and success,

Joseph R. Mays
Concerned World Citizen

****WARNING**** ****WARNING**** ****WARNING****


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