Hats off to Construction Workers – They Build Our World

Do you seeth with anger 😦 when you are jammed up in traffic at or near a construction site? Come on, we know a lot of you do. Some projects create serious delays. However, that sacrifice in time usually ends up as an improvement in traffic safety and convenience for you. A bigger, wider bridge to accommodate more traffic and decrease your commute; a safer transition lane or improvements to cut down on pedestrian fatalities. In addition, it is a sacrifice in millions of man-hours given by hundreds of thousands of construction workers all throughout the world. They endure heat, cold, rain, snow and even earthquakes in some cases. Some end up losing their lives or become injured due to safety issues or a careless driver who fails to obey the posted speed through a construction safety zone. They put those up for a reason. It is not worth taking away someone’s mother or father because you can’t slow down for say five miles or even 1,000 ft. A life gone is never coming back. Try explaining that to their daughter, son or wife. Slow down and enjoy life for that short sacrifice in time so that others may do the same.

Appreciate the work that construction workers do and as the signs say up north “Give ’em a Brake”. Let’s work together to make construction a benefical experience for us all.

We reap the benefits of construction projects every day. The electricity that comes through buried underground lines. The water lines that provide the water that you drink so freely as well as the Interstate System that you use to go on vacation each year. They all came about with some hard work from construction workers. The next time you see a construction worker, wave and let them know that you appreciate what they are doing.


Joseph R. Mays
Concerned World Citizen


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